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I’m Tai Groot, a software engineer working at Cellpoint Systems

I’m a senior software engineer working in IoT and distributed systems. I have a strong background grounded in Linux, Go, and DevOps tooling. I’ll use this space to share some of the things I’ve learned along my way, and occasionally write about some tools and shortcuts I use to make my life easier.


Most likely, I’ll cover topics like:

  • My setup and dotfiles
  • Some Go code snippets and packages I contribute to
  • Problems I’ve solved in my day-to-day work
  • Process improvement
  • grlx, the FOSS DevOps tool I’ve been working on for the past several years
  • Justifications for my mountains of domain name purchases
  • why did I buy so many domain names

What to expect

My rules for this blog are simple:

  • Every post must should be (at least potentially) useful to someone other than myself.
  • No individual post should take more than 3 hours to write, with:
    • max one hour towards writing
    • max one hour for generating images and sourcing citations
    • max one hour towards proofing and layouts

Cache Cascade is dual-hosted on GitHub and my website. The version hosted on my site has Google Adsense enabled to offset hosting cost, but I’ve made sure to keep the GitHub version ad-free. Rather than using an adblocker on my main site, I’d prefer you read the GitHub instance if you don’t want to see ads, which I totally understand :) The site is built using Hugo + Bootstrap and I’ve made an RSS feed available for those who prefer it.

If you want to comment on or discuss anything I write about here, feel free to @mention me on X or join my Discord.


I wouldn’t have started this blog without the inspiration of many others, so I’ve made a dedicated page listing them. I’ll likely continue to add to this list over time.